Pet Food Processing
The particle size and pre-grinding of raw materials is especially critical if the final product is a delicate shape. The samples on the left were ground through a 0.8 mm hammermill screen, the ones on the right through a 1.5 mm hammermill screen.
on December 7, 2010

Research behind the innovations: Polymer science and extrusion

Explore the science behind extrusion technologies in the article, "Applying polymer science to extrusion and drying of petfoods"

Polymer science, the study of the glass and melt transitions of polymers, has been developed and used by the synthetic polymer industry for many years. In recent years the principles of polymer science have been applied to the petfood extrusion process to better understand and predict processing effects. Get a complete review of the concepts of glass and melt transitions and their possible applications to extrusion processing by reading, Applying polymer science to extrusion and drying of petfoods.

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