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Animalzone launches parrot food in UK made with roasting process

Animalzone launched a non-extruded parrot food in the UK that is manufactured with a unique roasting process, according to the company's marketing director, Richard Davies.

First, fresh grains are put through a roasting process that exposes them to a temperature of 184 C (363.2 F) for fifteen minutes. The company says this process creates a well-cooked, more digestible product than most extruded ones. While still hot, the grains are shaped through a process less-aggresive than extrusion.

During the second part of the manufacturing process, the roasted grains are mixed in different ratios, some with either dried vegetables or dried fruits, and shaped again into pellets. This is done at a low temperature, according to Davies, which allows the company to add in a variety of products like natural plant extracts.

"This is a unique manufacturing process with phase one being a hot process and phase two being a cold process, therefore this gives us the opportunity to manufacture a food where the nutritional value is in some instances higher than with extrusion, a much more natural product where the natural texture of the raw materials are kept, resulting in a variety of natural looking grains, which is more appealing to the bird owner and the bird itself," Davies said.

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