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FEDIAF issues draft on communication for petfood

European Union Regulation 767/2009 on placing on the market and use of animal feeds sets out basic rules for the way information about petfood should be provided to the consumer.

Common principles set out in this legislation are that information communicated about products must be truthful, objective and quantifiable, and it must also not mislead or deceive customers. Petfood-specific derogation under this legislation ends at midnight on August 31, so manufacturers must ensure that all petfood placed “on the market” after that time and date is compliant.

The European Pet Food Industry Federation, FEDIAF, produced a draft “Code for Good Communication on Pet Food.” The draft takes into account EU legislation and current industry practice in respect to the provision of information to consumers on petfood. FEDIAF says it anticipates this code, though voluntary, will be adopted by the EU commission and published in its official journal in September 2011. To be compliant, labeling of trace elements should be as detailed in the EU legislation (767/2009) and interpreted in the FEDIAF code.

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