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HABRI adds new pet organization members, supporters

The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation, Petco and Pfizer Animal Health added 12 companies and organizations to HABRI's steering committee, as well as three organizations as HABRI's association supporters.

HABRI steering committee companies and organizations include the American Humane Association; American Veterinary Medical Association; Central Garden and Pet; Hartz; Hill’s Pet Nutrition; Morris Animal Foundation; Natural Balance; PetSmart; Radio Systems Corporation; Segrest Farms, funded by Allen Levey; Sergeants; and WellPet.

Organizations at the association supporter level include the Pet Industry Distributors Association , Pet Care Trust and Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

“We are pleased that these companies, organizations and industry leaders recognize the importance of HABRI’s efforts and have joined us to support research, education, advocacy and a national commitment to the positive impact of the human-animal bond,” Bob Vetere, HABRI president, said. “Together with their support we are poised to help others come to understand what we already know, that the human-animal bond has the power to improve health and enhance the quality of life for humans.”

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