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Nielsen, Walmart sign US sales information agreement

The consumer purchasing analytics company Nielsen signed a cooperation agreement with Walmart to receive and analyze consumer sales information from Walmart’s US stores. The agreement, expected to be followed by similar ones with other research firms, comes after a decade of the retailing giant's ban on sharing scanning data.

Nielsen will work with Walmart and Sam’s Club to report sales information on consumer goods, including data on sales volumes, pricing, merchandising and promotions. As part of the agreement, Nielsen will be Walmart’s primary provider for information, tools and training. Nielsen says it will begin to incorporate Walmart and Sam’s Club retail sales information in its databases and industry reports over the next several months.

“This expanded relationship with Nielsen will provide Walmart and Sam’s Club with deeper insights into customer purchasing-and unmet needs-both nationally and in key local markets,” said Cindy Davis, executive vice president of Walmart global customer insights. “We plan to share our point-of-sale information to help us identify category growth opportunities sooner and collaborate with our manufacturer partners to develop more impactful customer-driven programs going forward.”

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