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MPM Products named regional finalist in HSBC Business Thinking Initiative

UK petfood manufacturer MPM Products was recently featured in aUK Telegraph blog for being named a regional finalist in the HSBC Business Thinking initiative.

Set up in 2002, MPM Products is a premium-quality petfood manufacturer with two brands: Applaws and Encore. The business generates annual sales of £12 million (US$18.93 million), according to the blog, which represents an increase of 87% over the past three years.

Julian Bambridge, MPM Products managing director, said: “We have just opened an office in Atlanta and will be shipping products very soon, and this trip has confirmed our excitement about the opportunity that British companies have in the US. It has certainly given us more confidence that we are doing the right thing and with HSBC we have the right partners to do it. This trip has also given us the confidence that we can go beyond the US to explore the opportunity in other countries.

“I also think that we can take home with us the positive approach of the US markets. It’s tough out there but that doesn’t mean that we cannot achieve growth provided we make sure we target the right demographic.

“We have searched hard for the right international partners who have the same vision of growth as we do, and we will certainly do that again. Likewise, we will also make sure that we seek out and use expert local advisers in every market we choose to expand in.”

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