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Nonprofit urges pet owners to celebrate National Dog Day

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals, is encouraging pet owners to celebrate National Dog Day on August 26.

In honor of National Dog Day, the organization offers the following tips to help pet owners celebrate their dogs:

• Take your dog to the park or try out a new trail for a walk. Don’t forget the leash!

• Sit. Shake. Stay. Teach your dog a new trick and reward it with a favorite treat.

• Hire a professional pet sitter to help customize a daily exercise schedule for your dog.

• Invite your dog to sleep alongside you. Whether it's in your bed or on the floor, he will appreciate your company.

• Make a donation to a shelter or rescue organization in your pet’s name.

“Dogs are the most faithful of friends,” said John D’Ariano, president of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. “Celebrating National Dog Day is an opportunity to thank your furry friend for his continued loyalty and companionship.”

In addition to National Dog Day, the month of August brings awareness to the many animals that need a home on August 18, National Homeless Pets Day. To support homeless animals across the country, the organization urges pet owners to make a donation to a rescue shelter or organization or volunteer at a local animal shelter.

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