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Purina Dog Chow promotes benefits of dog ownership to families

Nestle Purina Dog Chow brand dog food commissioned a study of pet owners that revealed the many positive perceptions of pet ownership and its effects on families. Along with the survey, Purina Dog Chow brand is partnering with husband-and-wife country music duo, Thompson Square, to share the joys of pet ownership and donate funds to help a nonprofit organization that trains service dogs for veterans.

According to the Family Impact Study, dog owners said their dogs teach them responsibility, are regarded as good listeners and provide unconditional love.

"We partnered with Purina Dog Chow because we are a proud dog family," said Shawna Thompson. "We couldn't think of a better way to join the community of dog owners, knowing how much a dog would bring to our lives in every situation, from being on a cross-country music tour, to simply spending time at home with family."

Dog lovers can visit the company's Facebook page and access a new tab called "Dog Families Know," a Facebook community of dog lovers who can share their own stories, photos and videos. From now until August 31, a new topic will be proposed each week that dog families can relate to, and for each unique story, photo or video added to the virtual community board, Purina Dog Chow brand will donate US$1, up to US$25,000, to Patriot Rovers Inc. to help support its mission to "Save Dogs, Help Soldiers and Honor Heroes."

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