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Aller Petfood to become sole owner of Russian petfood division

Aller Petfood, a private-label petfood manufacturer, will purchase the IØ-Fund, the Danish Industrialization Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, which helped with establishing Aller Petfood Russia, making it the sole owner.

Until now, the fund has been responsible for 30 percent of investments in Aller Petfood Russia, but the acquisition of the IØ-Fund’s shares will make Aller Petfood the sole shareholder of Aller Petfood Russia.

The IØ-Fund has given advice and finance in connection with the establishment and running of Aller Petfood Russia. “We have benefitted greatly from the collaboration with the IØ-Fund, who has provided both knowledge and venture capital,” said Henriette Bylling, CEO of Aller Petfood.

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