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New 'Cat Chat with Arloa' episode looks at cat food, cat health link

981 Media and actress Arloa Reston released the latest episode in the series, “Cat Chat with Arloa,” which investigates the link between different types of cat food and cat health.

"Cat Chat with Arloa" interviews pet nutritionist and wellness expert, Marc Ching, to investigate the link between cat food and cat health, with discussions focused on dry cat food and the effects it can have on a cat's health. The show looks into the dry petfood production process, as well as discusses other species-appropriate diets.

The episode also features Lil Bit, a healthy, purebred Russian Blue cat who was abandoned and almost euthanized at a city shelter before being rescued by a no-kill cat rescue group. He has been living at the Cat Connection cattery and is hoping to find a forever home. According to Arloa, “Many purebred cats can be found at shelters and in rescue groups. Lil Bit is just one of many who are homeless due to cat overpopulation."

New "Cat Chat with Arloa" episodes are available weekly on Wednesday mornings at http://CatChat.TV.

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