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New PetSafe pet treats launched at Global Pet Expo

Radio Systems Corp.’s founder and CEO, Randy Boyd, announced that the pet supplies company recently launched 31 new products at Global Pet Expo under its PetSafe brand. Among new products launched were a variety of new cat and dog treats.

The company launched five new Busy Buddy treats , including: Ultra Sub, a dog treat that features knobbed nylon “buns” sandwiching rubber spacers and two thick rawhide treats; Ultra Woofer, a rawhide treat ring for dogs; Ultra Stratos, a treat with two rawhide rings and knobbed rubber ends molded over nylon; Teeter Treater, a pet treat with a weighted base and three channels that hold treat strips in place; and Gnawbrush, a dog treat with mint-flavored Busy Sticks to encourage better smelling breath and help clean the surfaces of dogs’ teeth.

New indigo line treats include Fresh dental treats, Triple Chews to help boost dogs’ immune and digestive systems, and Smokehouse Strips for dogs. New Lickety Stik products were also introduced, such as a new Gel in five flavors and LiquiMints liquid breath-freshening dog treat.

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