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Stella & Chewy's petfood safety process granted patent

Stella & Chewy's, a freeze-dried petfood manufacturer, received an official patent for its food safety process (Patent No. 838317 B2), invented by the petfood company's founder and chairman, Marie Moody, and food safety scientist, Dr. James Marsden.

This patent was granted for the food safety process that combines high-pressure processing with an environmental pathogen-reducing treatment system, which continually sanitizes food-contact surfaces with cleansing plasma, safely and effectively destroying environmental pathogenic bacteria.

According to Marsden, professor of food safety at Kansas State University: “Under the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Food and Drug Administration will likely require all petfood manufacturers to develop and implement a written food safety plan for review and approval by FDA. These food safety plans will include HACCP-based, validated interventions to eliminate and control harmful bacteria and other food safety hazards. For the raw petfood industry, this means that their processes must be designed to eliminate harmful bacteria during the manufacturing process.

"Stella and Chewy’s has already met this challenge through the implementation of its patented food safety process in which the raw materials for petfood diets and treats are subjected to high-pressure processing," Marsden continues. "HPP is an intervention that has been scientifically validated as a means to control Salmonella , Listeria monocytogenes and pathogenic strains of E. coli . This technology allows for the destruction of harmful bacteria in raw foods without using heat, irradiation or chemicals.”

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