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Tips for improving therapeutic petfood diet recommendations

An article in the September issue of Veterinary Economics offers tips to pet health and nutrition professionals to improve their therapeutic petfood diet recommendations.

First, veterinarians should create a focus by selecting no more than two brands to recommend to clients, according to Brian Conrad, CVPM, practice manager for Meadow Hills Veterinary Center in Kennewick, Washington, USA. Then, all staff members should be trained on these products so that they are educated on the superiority and details of the diets.

"Use the reps from these companies and have them meet with your staff in small groups," Conrad says. "The staff will feel more important and stay attentive in small groups. Then role-play what they will say to clients."

Conrad says it's important to practice practical conversations during training, so that clients are provided the information they want most - how and why the recommended food will help their pet live a long, healthy life.

He also notes that it is important that the products are carried at the clinic, rather than sending the client elsewhere to find the recommended product, as well as that samples are offered so that clients can see and touch the products.

Finally, Conrad recommends that clinics provide clients with a 100 percent guarantee on the products, allowing them to bring the food back with no questions for a full refund.

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