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Hound and Gatos Pet Food Company offers info for October’s National Pet Wellness month

October is National Pet Wellness month, an educational campaign sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association and Fort Dodge Animal Health, which encourages pet owners to learn more about the proper diet for their pet.

Annual checkups, exercise and training, and perhaps most importantly, petfood are critical for a pet's health, says Hound and Gatos Pet Food Corporation, which is offering five facts consumers may not know about petfood. According to the company:

Allergies and sensitivities: Petfood that contains ingredients such as corn, soy, dyes, generic liver and preservatives can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

China is the leading petfood exporter: China supplies half of all petfoods that are imported.

Urinary Tract Problems: Many dogs experience urinary tract problems that can occur if a dog's food doesn't contain a high enough water content.

Fluoride in Water: Fluoride is added to our water and is reportedly ineffective. Recent reports, however, have found that fluoride can lead to the weakening of bones, bone less, osteosarcoma and even cognitive damage. To avoid this, use distilled water or installing a reverse-osmosis system.

Obesity: Obesity is one of the most common health problems in dogs and cats. To avoid obesity, try feeding your pet a diet without carbohydrates such as corn and wheat, which are fattening.

"Determining that what your pet is eating is probably the most significant area of wellness, it is imperative that an owner finds the best food with the best ingredients, and avoids the by-products and fillers that have a negative impact. Soy, wheat, corn and artificial additives impact the health of your pet, as well as the digestion. Let's use National Pet Wellness month as a reminder to focus on the year round care of our pets, and help them to live longer and happier lives," says Will Post, president of Hound and Gatos. "As members of the family, they deserve no less."

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