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Purina Pro Plan launches nutritional supplement bars for dogs

Footballer Eli Manning helped introduce Purina Pro Plan's new nutritional supplement bars for active dogs at the "Purina pro MANning vs. DOG Challenge" in New York City on January 29. The bars, PRiME and ReFUEL, were introduced as part of Purina's SPORT product line.

"I've been an athlete all my life and have maintained strict training regimens that include high-quality nutrition products that allow me to perform at my best," said Manning. "I'm also a lifelong dog owner and have seen first-hand what amazing athletes dogs are. Purina Pro Plan PRiME and ReFUEL nutritional supplement bars help active dogs not only perform at their best, but help them recover quickly so they can get back outside again tomorrow and enjoy the activities they love to do with their owners."

The PRiME bar is a nutrient-dense protein-rich bar that can benefit dogs during exercise, according tp Purina. In order for the PRiME bar to work optimally, it should be fed half an hour before exercise, which gives the dog a chance to digest the bar and have key nutrients present in his blood stream when starting an activity.

Fed within 30 minutes post-exercise, the ReFUEL bar helps replenish muscle energy stores and promotes muscle rebuilding after activity, according to the company. Dogs experience muscle breakdown, fatigue and depletion of energy stores, just like humans do. ReFUEL is formulated with rapidly digested ingredients that help reinvigorate tired muscles.

In addition to performance nutrition, Purina Pro Plan has given dog owners access to expert training in the palm of their hand with Purina Pro Plan P5, a free mobile app. The P5 app offers dog owners of all breeds and sizes specialized mobile lessons in agility, dock diving, flying disc, obedience, running and strength training. It is available for free for iPhone, Android and Google Play devices.

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