Pet Food News highest-trafficked North American online pet property, an online pet goods store, has become the highest-trafficked online pet property in North America, averaging 50 million unique visitors per month, according to reports. was created in 2010 to help customers manage their petfood. The company's "auto-replenishment" system allows its customers to save time and money through automatic delivery, where they can receive orders for their preferred brand of petfood and supplies every two to 16 weeks, or at the frequency of their choosing. stocks nearly 300 premium, health-conscious petfood and supply brands, many of which were only available at regional, specialty stores prior to being available at the website.

"'s massive traffic is a testament to how many loving pet owners there are in North America," said Alex Zhardanovsky, one of the founders of the site. "When we launched, Web pundits said that online pet supply services were incapable of success, but these latest statistics prove again that pet owners are smart consumers that demand quality and the highest levels of customer service. is happy to provide both to our loyal customers." operates on several key ideas that have allowed it to go up against significantly larger providers like Amazon. According to Joe Speiser, co-founder:

  • Our employees have to be our customers.
  • You can't compete on shelf space, and you shouldn't try to.
  • Remember that every Goliath has its weakness.
  • Don't bet on a current sales fad as being your edge.
  • Pay to hire the right talent; you very likely aren't it.

"We plan to continue our strategy in disrupting a $55 billion industry by doing just one thing very well," said Speiser. "Keeping customers happy."

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