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PetSmart expands natural petfood options with Nature's Variety

Nature's Variety, an independent natural pet food company, and PetSmart have announced that the company's two petfood brands will begin selling at the specialty pet retailer.

"Pet parents are seeking natural diets that give their pets the nutrition nature intended," said Matt McAdam, PetSmart's executive vice president of merchandising and real estate. "Nature's Variety strengthens our natural selection and gives pet parents the variety of wholesome foods they desire. PetSmart is committed to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of our pet parents who deeply care about the health and well-being of their pets."

Nature's Variety produces petfood through two brands—Instinct, a raw petfood brand; and Prairie, a balanced holistic line of food. Instinct dog and cat foods include grain-free and gluten-free formulas, and come in a variety of forms, including kibble, can, raw frozen, freeze dried raw and treats. Prairie dog foods are available in kibble, cans and treats in an assortment of proteins.

PetSmart began selling both lines on June 9, 2014, in the US and began selling both brands in Canada in late May. In addition, PetSmart will carry Instinct Raw frozen diets in more than 575 stores throughout the US and Canada.

"Nature's Variety is committed to providing pet parents with superior quality petfood and giving them more options to incorporate raw into their pet's diet," said Reed Howlett, CEO of Nature's Variety. "We are extremely proud of this partnership with PetSmart. By expanding our distribution we are able to give more households access to the natural, holistic diets they are seeking for their pets."

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