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on June 18, 2014

Czech Republic caters to canines with pop-up restaurant

Pestaurace takes advantage of country's growing petfood market

The Czech Republic's new pop-up restaurant, Pestaurace, caters to canines, adding itself to the list of growing global pet-based dining experiences.

Pestaurace is launching a cross-country tour in July, hoping to appeal at a time when petfood is a fast-growing market in the Czech Republic. According to Euromonitor International, there is a significant trend to high-quality dog food in the country, and the sector is posting constant growth.

The restaurant offers menu of chicken with vegetables, salmon with potato, lamb with rice and gravy, rabbit with rice, and meatballs with poultry fat, all sweetened by extra meat. Dessert is a choice from four flavors of biscuit: game, lamb, veal or poultry.

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