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Natura Pet Products to stop selling in Quebec

Natura Pet Products has decided to stop selling its products in Quebec, Canada, due to the country's bilingual packaging requirements. The packaging changes would have been a costly undertaking for the company, said Manon Lapierre, communications manager for Proctor & Gamble Canada, Petcare.

The brands affected are Innova, Evo, California Natural, HealthWise and Mother Nature. Pet stores in Quebec can keep selling whatever Natura pet products they have in stock, but no more will be ordered. Under the Product Labeling Act in Canada, all products being offered must have both official languages, French and English, on the packaging. In addition, in Quebec the French language must be prevalent.

"It was just a necessity of business,” said Jason Taylor, a Natura spokesman. "We were not in a position to get bilingual labeling for all these products.”

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