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Polish company Łmeat-Łuków plans to expand petfood production

Polish meat company Łmeat-Łuków plans to spend the next several years in intensive development and expansion of its product lines, including wet petfood production.

The company aims to focus on the production of high-quality meats, as well as canned and cooking meat. "The emphasis is on increasing the availability of our products," said company President Grażyna Prokopiuk. "That is why we are taking actions intensifying our presence in all distribution channels, and we are implementing modern logistics solutions."

At the same time, Łmeat-Łuków will be investing in the production of animal feed and petfood. "We plan to invest in the 'Dolina Noteci' production plant, where in the near future another division will appear, specializing in the production of dry food," said Prokopiuk. "We also want to significantly expand the production plant of wet food in Polanów where we are fully utilizing its current capacity."

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