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Biorigin releases sustainability report

Biorigin has released its latest sustainability report which, among other things, announces an investment of US$120 million in its plan to expand production, which should increase the company's net income and cash generation until 2017.

Another highlight was the result of Biorigin's satisfaction survey. The general index of customers’ satisfaction was 75.9%, whereas product quality obtained 91.3% approval, both at 95% confidence level. Brazilian and foreign customers of the food and animal nutrition sectors were interviewed, and the survey results generated an action plan that is already being implemented.

Antonio José Zillo, director-president of Biorigin, said the focus of the company is sustainable economic growth and generation of value for the shareholders. “We were able to identify opportunities and to find solutions for the challenges, maintaining the competitive level of the company and always aiming at increasing productivity and efficiency in cost management and operations," said Zillo. "This is our strength: To make business grow, while respecting people and preserving the environment."

The report also looked at traceability, clean energy and certifications.

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