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Effects of calcium and magnesium carbonate on adult cats

This study investigated the effects of a combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate intestinal phosphate binders, associated with natural reno-protectant substances, on blood parameters and mineral balance in cats.

Ten cats between the ages of two and five were given a supplement (Pronefra, a palatable oral supplement) with their normal food for 12 weeks. Plasma creatinine and phosphorous levels decreased significantly during the study period, and fractional excretion of phosphorous was significantly lower at the end of the study than at the beginning. A correlation was found between changes in blood creatinine and changes in urinary fractional excretion of phosphorous between days 0 and 84. All calcium and magnesium blood levels remained within normal ranges throughout the study.

The supplement was shown to be safe over 12 weeks of continuous use, and reduced both blood phosphorous levels and creatinaemia. This may be an indicator of overall improvement in renal function, and Pronefra may have support applications for cats suffering from renal disorders.

Source:  Natalia Bernachon et al., 2014. Effect of a product containing the dietary phosphate binders calcium and magnesium carbonate associated with other reno-protectant substances (Pronefra) on blood parameters and mineral balance in cats. JARVMonline, 2014.

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