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Rações Zêzere opens factory for petfood subsidiary

Portugal’s Rações Zêzere has launched a new factory for its petfood subsidiary, Maxipet, in Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal. The factory’s equipment was designed by FAMSUN, a Chinese company specializing in livestock feed production.

Rações Zêzere, government-owned and one of Portugal's largest conglomerates, was founded in 1981 and is an industry leader in Portugal's animal feed and egg production. The company produces more than 200 products that are internationally recognized and command significant market share throughout Portugal and neighboring areas in Europe. In 2014, total sales reached EUR250 million (US$265.6 million).

“Maxipet's project has received investment of more than EUR5 million,” Maxipet CEO Luis Guilherme said at the opening ceremony. “The factory totals 45,000 square meters, including a 5,500-square-meter workshop. FAMSUN's machinery will produce 8-10 tons of pet feed per hour, allowing Maxipet to meet 60% of the market demand and Rações Zêzere to strengthen its market position in line with European standards. The company will continue to produce high-quality petfood while minimizing production costs, which will overall ensure maximum profits and a solid future."

This is FAMSUN’s first petfood production line, which signifies the European market's importance to the company.

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