The entire super-premium line of dry Spring Naturals Dinners has been deemed low glycemic and diabetic friendly by the Glycemic Research Institute.

“Receiving dual approval from this influential organization is very gratifying for everyone involved in building this brand,” said Rob Cadenhead, vice president of sales and marketing at Spring Naturals. “But it’s especially good news for parents of older and overweight cats.”

Cat foods with a high-glycemic index lead to elevated blood glucose levels. This in turn can increase the risk of epilepsy, hypothyroidism, allergies, yeast infections, cancer and diabetes. Diets formulated with low glycemic ingredients are digested slower than high-glycemic foods, allowing all of the nutrients to be properly absorbed. When food is digested slower and the nutrients are properly absorbed, pets will remain fuller longer, which helps maintain weight control.

Nate Thomas, vice president of research and development adds, “With between 25% and 33% of cats being overweight and diabetes on the rise, it’s clear that we need to focus on nutrition and prevention. Feeding cats a certified low-glycemic, diabetic-friendly feline pet food like Spring Naturals can help regulate blood sugar levels and may help prevent obesity. Another thing to keep in mind is that cats give us so much affection at feeding times that it becomes very tempting for us to overfeed them. Helping our cats regulate their body weight by paying attention to their weight and overall health is a responsibility that we cannot ignore.”

The dry formulas submitted to the Glycemic Research Institute for testing were Spring Naturals Grain Free Turkey Dinner, Grain Free Turkey & Salmon Dinner, Grain Free Chicken Dinner, Grain Free Tuna & Chicken Dinner, and Grain Free Tuna Dinner.