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Merrick’s helps shelter pets with baseball campaign

As baseball season begins in the US, Merrick’s is kicking off Homeruns for Shelters, a campaign that will support local shelters.

For every home run hit by the home teams during Opening Day games, Merrick’s will make a US$1,000 Merrick food donation to a local animal shelter – that’s one shelter for every homer. Pet parents can nominate their favorite local shelter or rescue on Merrick’s Facebook page and invite others to share and vote for their shelter. The shelters with the most votes will win a special delivery of Merrick food in April.

Here’s how to help your favorite shelter:

  • Share #HomerunsForShelters from Merrick’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and encourage your fans to nominate their local shelters or pet rescues.
  • Post or tweet to your favorite baseball team about #HomerunsForShelters.
  •  Share your best pet rescue and adoption stories and photos with us. Tweet and post pics of your pets sporting their home team caps and T-shirts, too, tagging #HomerunsForShelters. 

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