Petco will donate US$25,000 to Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) to support its work to restore critically endangered coral reefs. The donation will help to protect and restore coral reefs throughout the Florida Keys.

“We know Petco is committed to building a better world for people and pets, and we’re proud to be a new recipient of the company’s support,” said Martha Roesler, chief development officer for CRF. “This generous donation will help our efforts to restore reefs that provide habitat for 25% of our planet’s aquatic life.”

Petco is an advocate for reef conservation and reef and marine life aquaculture initiatives. Today, most of the company’s freshwater fish and all of its marine corals are aquacultured, meaning they are captive-bred and not taken from the ocean’s reefs.

 “At Petco, we’re committed to responsible marine life practices and we’re proud to support the Coral Restoration Foundation,” said Marcie Whichard, Petco’s vice president of industry and public affairs. “We applaud the work CRF is doing to safeguard one of our planet's most precious resources -- our coral reefs.”