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Merrick, Drew Brees team up for dogs’ Best Day Ever

Every dog deserves the Best Day Ever. From the ultimate game of fetch to an unending belly rub, dogs should be rewarded for their undeniable loyalty and unconditional love. That’s why Merrick Pet Care, a leader in all-natural pet food, wants to reward the Best Dog Ever with the Best Day Ever.

The company launched their Best Day Ever campaign in August with an end-of-summer splash day where they treated shelter dogs to the Best Pool Party Ever at Colorado’s Water World – plus the chance to be adopted – for their Best Day Ever.

“We believe not only that the best dog ever deserves the best food ever, but also that dogs should be able to enjoy the best day ever – everyday,” said Mark Sapir, vice president of marketing for Merrick Pet Care. “We’re continuously inspired by the stories we hear from our pet parents about the love they have for their dogs, and one of the most exciting things about our Best Day Ever campaign is that it celebrates the true stories of our best friends – our dogs. They make every day great for us and deserve nothing less than the ultimate reward for being the Best Dog Ever.”

With the Best Day Ever, Merrick Pet Care will continue to surprise pet parents nationwide with the campaign into 2016. In fact, now through December 3, 2015, Merrick is inviting pet parents across the country to share why their dog is the Best Dog Ever for a chance to win the Best Game of Fetch Ever with star football quarterback Drew Brees. Entrants can submit their photo and a brief narrative about why their dog deserves to win on Merrick’s Facebook page.

“Dogs give the best kind of love – unconditional – whether you have a good or a bad day,” said Brees. “All dogs deserve the Best Day Ever.”

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