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Pet-food-protein-1510PETprotein.jpg | As consumers become more diverse in their pet food protein needs, the industry is responding with expanded ingredient options.
on January 12, 2016

Petfood Innovation Workshop to focus on meats, proteins

Unique event on April 18, before Petfood Forum 2016, highlights hot trends in pet food market

High-meat and fresh-meat formulations are all the rage in pet food, while pet parents and pet food manufacturers also continue to search for novel proteins. On Monday, April 18, Petfood Innovation Workshop will focus on these trends, using a one-of-a-kind hands-on format to help participants understand and work through the functionality, sustainability and safety challenges in creating high-meat and novel protein pet food products.

Following an opening session from David Sprinkle of Packaged Facts highlighting data and insights on meat and novel protein trends, Workshop attendees will be transported to the Kansas State University (KSU)-Olathe Food Innovation Accelerator Lab, about 30 minutes from the Kansas City Convention Center. There, they will rotate among different stations in a test kitchen, led by Greg Aldrich, PhD, research associate professor at KSU and president of Pet Food Ingredients & Technology. The stations, presented by industry suppliers, will cover various aspects of developing and processing high-meat pet foods and novel proteins, including extrusion and safety issues, palatability and alternative protein sources.

At the end of the afternoon, Workshop attendees will return to the convention center for the Petfood Forum/Workshop 2016 opening night reception. A full schedule for Petfood Innovation Workshop will be available soon. Registration savings, including for Petfood Forum, are available through February 1.

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