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Dry pet food production up 4 percent in 2015

Total feed production in the pet category was 22.59 million metric tons (mmt) in 2015, according to Alltech’s Global Feed Survey. That was up 4 percent from 2014.

The US produced the most feed for pet food – 8.45 mmt – followed by Brazil, at 2.43 mmt, and France, at 1.25 mmt.

By region, North America produced the most feed for pet food – 8.91 mmt – followed by Europe at 5.95 mmt, and Latin America, at 5.30 mmt. Asia Pacific produced 2.09 mmt, and Africa produced .35 mmt.

Total global feed production was up 2 percent to 995.5 mmt in 2015, amounting to $450 billion in sales based on average feed prices.

The top 10 countries in terms of total feed production were China, the US, Brazil, Mexico, India, Spain, Russia, Germany, Japan and France, with India seeing 7 percent growth in 2015.

To conduct its survey, Alltech visits more than 32,000 feed mills in 131 countries to gather estimates on compound feed production. Data also is gathered from feed industry associations. Although there are differences in how feed is defined in various countries, the survey only looks at feed that goes through a feed mill, and does not include forages.

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