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FIAAP/VICTAM/GRAPAS Asia 2016 exhibition area sold out

The exhibition area for FIAAP/VICTAM/GRAPAS Asia 2016 is sold out, and major international companies from within each show will be there.

The FIAAP show, which profiles animal feed ingredients and nutrition has many local companies as well as the well-known international suppliers such as Biomin, DSM, Kemin, Sopropeche, Tyson, Special Nutrients, Arm & Hammer, Olmix, SPF Diana, Dr. Eckel, Cargill etc.

The international industry suppliers are very well represented at the feed processing exhibition – VICTAM. Visitors will see large stands showing the latest technology from Buhler, Famsun, ZCME, Ottevanger, Andritz, van Aarsen, Wenger, CPM, Extru-Tech, Amandus Kahl, Dinnissen, Geelen, the list goes on.

There is a lot to see over the three days of the show. There is not just specialist ingredients and processing technology but also many stands displaying the latest auxiliary systems and machines. There will bagging machines and bags, silos, conveyor systems, specialist formulation programs, elevators, dryers/de-humidifiers, elevators, buckets, and many more pieces of equipment that are so necessary in a mill or processing plant.

There is also a series of conferences running alongside the exhibitions over the three days:

There will also be a program of technical seminars, free to all registered visitors. All of this will take place at the BITEC exhibition centre in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 29-31, 2016.

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