Puppy Chow and SoulPancake have released the #PowerofPuppies online video to showcase the uplifting, inspiring and naturally joyful reactions of people who receive an unexpected visit from puppies.

For each view of the video on www.youtube.com/soulpancake between March 23 and April 23, Puppy Chow will help feed shelter puppies in need by donating one pound of the new Puppy Chow Natural formula – up to 500,000 pounds – to Rescue Bank.

“We wanted to celebrate the launch of our new Puppy Chow Natural formula by demonstrating the power puppies have to naturally brighten anyone’s ordinary and mundane day,” says Keith Peterfeso, brand manager for Purina Dog Chow. “SoulPancake is known for creating uplifting and inspiring content, so we’re happy to team up with them on this project.”

“SoulPancake is known for its interactive, joyful and surprising social experiments. So when Puppy Chow asked us how we would celebrate the power of puppies, we were so excited to partner up. What we learned by surprising ordinary, unsuspecting people with puppies is that they truly do have a superpower that makes every moment more fun,” said Golriz Luna, chief creative officer at SoulPancake.

“Imagine this: You’re doing what you do on a regular day, bored out of your mind, and then suddenly you’re handed a pile of puppies. Actually no need to imagine it, because we did this IRL. You’re welcome,” said Rainn Wilson, founder of SoulPancake.