Carnivore Meat Co., manufacturer of premium frozen and freeze-dried pet food and treats, has attained EU Certification, authorizing the export of their pet products into Europe.

EU Certification creates new opportunities for pet food importers, distributors and retailers in 28 member countries to access premium, American-made, frozen and freeze-dried pet food and treats.

Carnivore Meat Co. underwent a rigorous and comprehensive year-long review and assessment process at their USDA Certified pet food facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. The audit included verification and validation of their food safety programs, raw material source verification, and an in-depth examination of their manufacturing processes.

“I’m very proud of the dedication and determination of our team. EU Certification has been one of our most coveted goals. We are excited about the opportunity to share our innovative products with caring pet parents throughout all of Europe,” said Lanny Viegut, owner and CEO of Carnivore Meat Co.

Carnivore Meat Co. is the first in the raw pet food category in the US to receive the EU Certification.