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Primal Pet Foods to relocate manufacturing operation

San Francisco-based Primal Pet Foods is relocating its manufacturing operation to Fairfield, California, USA, according to a report.

The pet food maker, established by Matt Koss in 2001, is moving to a 50,000-square-foot facility about twice as large as its current site. The facility will employ about 50 people at full capacity, but prior to expansion, Koss said he expects 35 will transfer with it.

“We looked throughout the immediate San Francisco Bay Area and chose Fairfield because of the availability of a value-priced new building,” Koss said in a statement.

Koss said his whole operation will be relocating, except for a small satellite office that will stay in San Francisco and handle billing.

Koss said Fairfield’s strategic location on Interstate 80 is ideal for distributing his company’s products.

The building is owned by Sierra Pacific Properties. It is expected to be operational at the end of the summer.

Eric Dakin, senior project manager for Fairfield Economic Development, said talks with the company started in October or November.

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