Petfood Industry’s Top Companies database has been updated, and now highlights the Top 40 pet food companies in the world.

There have been some significant changes in the pet food industry landscape in the past few years, and those changes are reflected in the latest data pulled from the Petfood Industry Top Companies Database for this special issue of Petfood Industry magazine. Moving the annual coverage to our May issue (rather than the January issue, which has been our standard in the past) has allowed us to gather the most recent numbers for the industry’s key players, as well as provide a more current, well-rounded view of the global pet food industry.

The top 40 companies in our database for 2015 (by annual revenue, US$ millions) show most of the big players still front and center: Mars Petcare, Nestlé Purina PetCare, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Diamond Pet Foods, Blue Buffalo and Deuerer all make the expected appearances in the top 10, and the majority of the very largest global pet food companies by revenue are still US-based.

To compile and update the database, we collect information and data from every available resource, including our survey and circulation list. Other sources include pet food association lists, business and government reports, other third-party data (such as Euromonitor International) and the companies’ own websites.

From all these sources, we piece together the profile of each company in the database and select the top players globally based on annual revenue for this article.

Each listing in this issue has a link to each company’s profile in the online Top Pet Food Companies database of more than 350 pet food companies. The online database allows you to sort and filter companies by region and product category. You can click on a company to view its complete profile with additional data, including brands and historical annual production and revenue statistics. You will be asked to register to view this data.

To use the Top Petfood Companies Database, you have to register and log in to; registration is free and simple to do. If your company is missing from the online database, or you wish to add to or correct the data in it, please contact us at