From Petfood Industry:

Subscription-based pet food provider The Farmer’s Dog has raised US$2 million in seed funding to support its full, nationwide expansion planned for this summer.

“This funding will help put top-quality food in front of more pets,” said Jonathan Regev, CEO, who founded the company in 2015 with Brett Podolsky, head of business development. “The natural, human-grade ingredients in our product are healthier for pets because they’re all fresh, while our direct-to-consumer, subscription-based model ensures safe delivery of our food because it hasn’t been sitting on a retail shelf for months. This removes the stress and hassle of shopping for pet food at retail stores, which often feature a maze of choices creating confusion about what to feed.”

The Farmer’s Dog, based in New York, USA, uses human-grade ingredients and, using this funding, will invest in infrastructure and move to a large-scale commercial kitchen traditionally used for human food preparation. The increased funding will allow the company to meet growing demand by increasing production capacity.

The Farmer’s Dog works with veterinary nutritionists to provide pre-portioned and personalized meal plans for customers. Regularly scheduled shipments guarantee meals are delivered directly to pets within days of cooking to maintain freshness.

Investors included Forerunner Ventures, Collaborative Fund and SV Angel. 

$2 Million in Seed Funding Brings the Farmer's Dog to More Pets

2 Million in Seed Funding Brings the Farmer's Dog to More Pets The Farmer's Dog, a subscription-based pet food provider in New York that uses human-grade ingredients, raised $2 million in seed funding to support the company's full, nationwide expansion this summer.