A new research and business center in St. Louis, Missouri, USA will explore the use of eggs and other chicken products in pet food.

IsoNova Technologies will open the IsoNova Innovation Center in September. The Innovation Center will focus on using eggs and dehydrated chicken products in wet pet food and treat applications. In addition, the layout and location of the customer-facing space will seek to promote interaction between the IsoNova team and the company’s customers.

Uses of the IsoNova center

The 4,000-square-foot building will include a 1,500-square-foot test kitchen. It will also be home to IsoNova’s sales, research, and development departments. The structure will include formulation and prototyping capabilities for custom concepts and collaborative ideation between IsoNova and its customers.

The IsoNova Innovation Center will initially focus on emphasizing cost-effective and popular pet food ingredients. To this end, the building will include areas dedicated to the business of selling egg and chicken products, including interactive office space with video and teleconferencing capabilities. In addition, the site will include space for collaborative technology development, application testing, and formula creation. The kitchen will be equipped with video conferencing capabilities as well, so that customers can participate in demonstrations without visiting the office in person.

IsoNova history

In 2013, American Dehydrated Foods Inc. and Rembrandt Enterprises Inc. reached an agreement to form a joint venture of their respective egg divisions, which served the petfood and animal feed industries. The entity operates as IsoNova Technologies LLC. The company is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, USA.