The Mexican pet food market is one of the fastest growing globally, with more pet owners feeding commercial pet foods and moving up to premium products. A new Petfood Technology Workshop Mexico is designed to help pet food producers in the market learn about new technologies, processes and information on pet food extrusion, ingredient preparation, packaging and safety to further advance their product development and production.

Scheduled for December 5-6 at the Coral Marina Hotel and Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Ensenada, Mexico, the new workshop will feature an opening session on the Mexican pet food market by Iván Franco, founder of Triplethree International, a market intelligence company. He will explain how the market and pet food producers are responding to the current outlook, what has changed from the previous year and what we can expect in the years to come.

Following Franco’s presentation, pet food professionals attending the workshop will engage in six hands-on stations, led by top pet food industry suppliers and providing interactive demonstrations of various aspects of advanced extrusion technology. Among other learnings, the stations will offer:

  • Tricks from experts on optimizing extrusion plant operations;
  • New techniques and tools for promoting better yields, safer products and greater efficiency;
  • The latest information on ingredient preparation, extrusion, drying, packaging and container filling equipment;
  • A foundation in discussing conveying technology and automation process controls;
  • Ways to control moisture, water activity, crumbles and surging when producing high-meat premium and ultra-premium formulas;
  • New tools for safe product handling and strategies for mitigating pathogens.

Registration for Petfood Technology Workshop Mexico is now open. For more information, visit