The first issue of Small Pet Retailer magazine has been published by Supreme Pet Foods. The magazine offers ideas for successfully retailing rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and other small pet products. A digital version of the magazine is available on the company’s website. Copies of the first issue were available at Supreme’s booth at SuperZoo 2017 in July.

The issue includes articles speculating on the future of small pet retailing and research on current growth in the small pet market. There is also advice on category management, with planogram concepts for retailers to try out in store.

Small Pet Retailer offers a behind-the-scenes look at Supreme Petfoods and insight on the ingredients used in rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and other small pet foods.

“The magazine is a first for Supreme and for the small pet category,” said Claire Hamblion, marketing manager at Supreme. “Especially relevant is that it will help pet retailers provide the best shopping experience to their customers. We also invite pet stores to email us a photograph of their small pet category and in return we will provide a free category audit,” said Hamblion in a press release.

The current small pet market

The first issue of Small Pet Retailer offers small animal market data and research to keep small pet retailers up to date. Supreme’s research, for example, suggests that displays of small pets in retail stores drives sales, and that only 20 percent of pet retailers are retailing live animals. The issue also details growth in the small pet food market, noting that Science Selective rabbit food brand sales are up 16.8 percent year on year.

Small Pet Retailer provides advice on how to grow sales in the small pet category, as well as how to meet the needs of rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and other small pet owners.