Tractor Supply Company, a US rural lifestyle retailer and premium pet food manufacturer, is celebrating the launch of its new 4health Untamed premium pet food with a pet-friendly dinner for dog owners. For one night in Nashville, Tennessee, Tractor Supply will treat a handful of Internet-famous dogs and their owners to a meal under the moon.

At the event, dogs will eat 4health’s new super premium pet food, while their owners are served dishes prepared by an award-winning chef that include some of the same ingredients found inside the new pet food product, including boar, buffalo, lamb and trout.

Humanization of pets

The event reflects the rising humanization of pets among millennial pet owners.

More and more American pet owners are purchasing pet food with human grade ingredients. According to a US pet food market report from market intelligence agency Mintel, two in five US pet owners say they check the ingredient list when purchasing new pet food or treats and 64 percent would be interested in treats made with premium ingredients, such as all natural or organic.

With snacking frequency on the rise among Americans, it seems the snacking trend may be extending to their pets. One in 11 pet owners say they feed their pet toppers (such as sauce and gravy) as a snack or treat. Three quarters of pet owners agree that treats are their way of showing their pet love, making treats more than just a way to reward good behavior.