Ingredient Usage Analysis

Dried egg product is the most prevalent form of egg in dog foods

Over a decade ago, scientists were unsure of egg’s effect on pets. Egg is still a common ingredient in pet food, particularly dog food — wet and dry. It can be found in many different products that utilize the shell, whites, yolks, or whole egg.

Dry dog food has over 25 percent of recipes with dried egg. This is the egg category with the largest percentage of recipes in dry dog food. In wet dog good, a much smaller amount contains dried eggs, at just under 5 percent.

Eggshell meal is a very uncommon product with just 0.18 percent of dry dog food with this product. Eggshell meal is slightly more common in canned dog food, with 0.52 percent of recipes containing this product. This remains a product with a small amount of usage in wet and dry dog foods.

dried egg dog food

Egg whites are only in a small number of recipes of dry dog food, just 0.05 percent. Egg whites are much more common in canned dog food, found in close to 2% of dog food recipes.

The designation of organic eggs accounts for very few eggs. There are only six products between wet and dry dog food combined that utilize organic eggs.

Both canned and dry dog food have around 3 percent of recipes with “whole eggs,” meaning the entire egg is utilized in the recipe.

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