A pet industry “power couple” is launching Bark Your Biz, a radio show that will feature entrepreneurs in the pet food industry. The show was created by Anthony and Amanda Bennie, the co-founders of Clear Conscience Pet, and is co-produced by WPET talk radio.  Anthony is a recipient of the Pet Industry Icon Award, and Amanda was named a Woman of Influence in the Pet Industry in 2017. Anthony and Amanda also host the  Bennie & the Pets podcast.  

Bark Your Biz follows in the footsteps of reality programs such as Shark Tank and Profit, which have focused on promoting pet products. Bark Your Biz is a new venue that will allow small businesses the chance to tell their story in the media. Each Bark Your Biz program will be a competition among the entrepreneurs in that session, each of whom will have the opportunity to describe their business in timed  “elevator pitches” to the hosts and a panel of pet industry experts.

The entrepreneurs, or “Barkers,” will answer questions from the panel of judges, who will score their pitches and products on merits and in comparison to other pitches. Winners will receive advice from the hosts, panelists and other B2B sponsors. Consults available will include branding reviews, website evaluations, digital marketing support and retail.   

“We personally love pitch programs, and we have always empathized with our fellow entrepreneurs fighting for funding to survive or scale up,” said host and creator Anthony Bennie. “So we decided to start Bark Your Biz as a media platform where brand owners can tell their stories in a competitive yet fun setting.” 

Panelists for the debut include Phil Chang, a retailing expert. Phil is a 2018 Global Pet Expo seminar leader, and is the Founder of Retail Phil. Holistic pet care expert and retailer Tazz Latifi will also join the panel; Latifi is the Founder of New York City’s Petropolis.