CBD Treats for Dogs and Cats

CBD dog treat start-up meeting challenges in Puerto Rico

A CBD-for-dogs startup has scaled to a high-grossing company in less than one year amidst the social crises Puerto Rico has experienced.

After the impact of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, thousands of Puerto Ricans left the island in search of opportunities. With a little over 4% of the population moving to foreign lands, the economical sector was highly impacted by the amount of businesses closed down, along with the ongoing affected infrastructures that gave life to many local restaurants, shops and companies. 

Erik Rivera, Honest Paws' CEO, put forward his dream of hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD oil and treats for pets. The marketing headquarters was established in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Santurce is not only known as the new trendiest place for new-coming startups, it's also a place that represents artistic freedom, equality and incredible views of the Northern Atlantic tropical beaches.

This has set up the perfect recipe to bring in young, creative talent from different backgrounds to  Honest Paws, executing brand awareness and strategies which reflect on the thousands of happy pet parents who have become faithful customers. The company is more than just CBD for pets. It's a hard-working group of people, trying to break stereotypes, and a growing company that closely relates as a family. 

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