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Buzzing: 4 Social Media Business Magazines Launched

Keeping a finger on the pulse of social media is a must, so it's little wonder that there's such a buzz around the launch of four social media magazines:

The Big G & Business (Google)

FB & Business (Facebook)

Tweeting & Business (Twitter)

LI & Business (Linkedin)

The overwhelming response boils down to, "It's about time."

I anticipated one big social media magazine, though. They may find it difficult to fill four with quality, current content. However, the staff has proven that they habitually reach for excellence in whatever they do, and there is some print experience there. I'm sure there will be lots of web writers who would like to pick up some print credentials as well. It will be interesting to watch how it comes together.

The magazine is available in eight formats, including iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, BlackBerry, Kindle, multimedia and print. US$179 print subscriptions are insane, in my opinion, but the electronic edition was originally priced at a reasonable US$7.95. Now it's FREE, courtesy of Office Depot, EFactor and The Pro2Pro Network.

Combine free with some major buzz, and you get a launch boasting a circulation of 13.8 million. More on that in the press release.

I believe there's great potential for an excellent, useful publication here. You can sign up for all four free e-magazines at once on the Social Media Mag's site. Bonus: My subscription confirmation included a surprise electronic copy of the book, The New Entrepreneurs Survival Guide.

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