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Melody McKinnon explores the mindset of today's Web savvy pet parents to improve consumer relations and develop effective marketing strategies.
Pet Food Market Trends

Social network membership numbers for the top 14

Keeping our finger on the social media pulse can be an overwhelming, but necessary, task. Here The Realtime Report gathers social network member information for us from a variety of sources and presents a snapshot of user numbers for each network: "Social Networking Stats: Twitter Hits 500 Million, Pinterest Grows in Europe."

With so many households having pets in them, the petfood industry is in one of the best positions to monetize this environment. We don't have to dig around social networks trying to find our niche. Our niche is virtually everywhere.

Can you look at those hundreds of millions of potential customers and not want a piece of the action? Hire an in-house social marketer - do it now!

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