Dog nutraceutical trial in Mexico shows health benefits

The supplement featuring a patented ingredient of oxidized beta-carotenes was designed to support dogs’ immune systems and combat some ailments.

The last year has given a boost to the pet supplement market, as pet owners are zeroed in on their own health and that of their pets. | Ellen Coleman I
The last year has given a boost to the pet supplement market, as pet owners are zeroed in on their own health and that of their pets. | Ellen Coleman I

The category of dog nutraceutical products emerged in Mexico during the pandemic lockdown, as dog owners increased their awareness of their dogs’ health requirements.

Avivagen, a disruptive Canadian company, and its strategic partner, Meyenberg International Group, recently piloted their flagship product in Mexico. Called Vivamune, it is a natural supplement designed to support the immune system and help combat some ailments, including skin and hair problems.

This nutraceutical product contains OxC-beta, a patented ingredient made of oxidized beta-carotenes that have proven effective in several trials worldwide, not only for dogs but also for livestock species.

Results of nutraceutical trial in 44 dogs

Triplethree International conducted the pilot program with 44 dogs in three Mexican cities. The trial consisted of supplying Vivamune to the group of dogs for at least three weeks every day during July 2021. The trial’s results revealed that Vivamune improved the overall health of the dogs, according to the pet owners surveyed.

Before the trial, less than half of the dogs manifested a chronic or short-term ailment. Of this subgroup, nearly all the owners reported health improvement in their dogs after taking Vivamune. For example, two senior dogs with low levels of activity manifested more vitality. One suffering from allergies, another with anemia and three more dogs that were overweight showed improved activity and vitality, according to their owners.

Three owners whose dogs suffered from nervousness said their condition improved after taking Vivamune. Finally, four dogs with skin and hair problems saw a visible enhancement, while one dog with a urinary problem showed improvement in its condition. 

The results are consistent with other trials performed in Canada.

Dog treats now require functional benefits

Given the increasing awareness of owners toward their dogs’ well-being, functional dog treats, including with natural ingredients, may soon become more in demand.

There is a wide array of treats products on the market. Yet, most do not offer attributes intended to improve a dog’s well-being. Therefore, the next wave of products will likely require tangible results in pet health. 

Vivamune is an example of how scientific research and development are necessary to create disruptive products that fit the next generation of dog nutraceutical supplements.

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