Italian dog, cat, other pet food companies’ 2021 revenue

For several years, Italy has consistently ranked as the European country with the most pet birds.

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For several years, Italy has consistently ranked as the European country with the most pet birds. Last year was no exception, according to the FEDIAF report "Facts & Figures 2021." Italians also kept 8,700,000 dogs as pets in 2021 and 10,050,000 pet cats. While other nations had more dogs and cats, Italy ranked third in per capita dog ownership and fourth in cat ownership. The dog, cat and other pet food companies listed below helped provide those animals with sustenance. These companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s Current Data.

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Agras Pet Foods 

  • Annual revenue: US$125,000,000
  • Brands: ADOC, Schesir, Stuzzy

Almo Nature

  • Annual revenue: US$110,000,000
  • Brands: Almo Nature, HFC, Holistic, BioOrganic, Daily

Dorado S.r.l.

  • Annual revenue: US$38,000,000
  • Brands: Exclusion

Effeffe Pet Food

  • Annual revenue: US$50,000,000
  • Brands: Salute 360, Froma 360, Pet 360

Farmina Pet Foods

  • Annual revenue: US$334,000,000
  • Brands: Natural & Delicious, Vet Life, Cibau, Matisse, Team Breeder

Landini Giuntini SPA

  • Annual revenue: US$92,200,000
  • Brands: Giuntini, Crancy, Kekè, Vitaday, Sandy, Pro Cane, Pro Gatto, private label

Monge & C. S.p.A.

  • Annual revenue: US$415,000,000
  • Brands: Monge Natural Superpremium, Monge VetSolution, Monge Bwild, Gemon, Lechat, Special-Dog, Lechat Excellence, Special Dog Excellence, Simba, Leo’s, Grant Bonta, Artù


  • Annual revenue: US$139,650,000
  • Brands: For dogs: Migliorcane, Milgiorcane Prestige, Migliorcane Unico, Migliorcane I Preferiti, Miocane, Morando Professional, Morando Super Pet Food. For cats: Migliorgatto, Migliorgatto Unico, Migliorgatto Sterilized, Miogatto, Morando Professional, Morando Super Pet Food


  • Annual revenue: US$28,860,000
  • Brands: FORZA10 Nutraceutic, FORZA10 DIET, FORZA10 Maintenance, Forza10 BIO, FORZA10 BASIC, Mr. Fruit, LEGEND FORZA10

Valpet SRL

  • Annual revenue: US$12,570,000
  • Brands: Dado, Dog Club, Gerald, Maxi Dog, Trails, Friendly, Runner, Maxi Cat, Hilary's, Raff, Raff Professional, Naturkamp, Maxi Cat
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