Kelly & Co's pet food named 'Brand of the Year' in freeze-dried market

Kelly & Co's won the honor during the recent World Branding Awards in Vienna.

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Kelly & Co's freeze-dried pet food is named 'Brand of the Year.'
Kelly & Co's freeze-dried pet food is named "Brand of the Year."
Kelly & Co's

Kelly & Co's was named "Brand of the Year" for 2023-2024 at the World Branding Awards in Vienna. 

The company also won "Freeze Dried Product of the Year" at the Pet Innovation Awards in the U.S. in 2023.

Kelly & Co's said its innovative approach to freeze-dried pet food has made it a household name across continents. By employing advanced freeze-drying technology, Kelly & Co's ensures the nutritional integrity and safety of its products, meeting the growing demand for natural and synthetic-free pet foods globally.

Wichitpon Assavachamnan, CEO and founder of Kelly & Co's, alongside cofounder Sittipong Siritantrakool, have been instrumental in navigating their company's trajectory from a promising start-up to an international brand leader, said Kelly & Co's. Their visionary approach has harnessed the potential of freeze-dried pet food technology, setting a high bar for quality and innovation.

The duo pioneered the freeze-drying technology defining Kelly & Co's brand. It has been a long journey for them, overcoming many challenges to get the company to where it is today. 

"Being named 'Brand of the Year' at the World Branding Awards is not just a recognition of our product excellence -- it's a celebration of our global footprint and the trust consumers around the world place in us," said Assavachamnan. "Our recent achievements underscore our position as an influential player in the international pet food market."

Kelly & Co's also uses a strategy of sourcing from suppliers who adhere to humane and sustainable practices, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients. This commitment to excellence has been pivotal in the brand’s rapid growth and wide acceptance in various international markets, said Kelly & Co's.

Beyond its commercial achievements, Kelly & Co's is deeply dedicated to social responsibility, particularly in animal welfare. The company has forged a significant partnership with The Soi Dog Foundation, focusing on crucial issues like animal welfare, sterilization and vaccination of animals, rescuing dogs from the meat trade, and rehoming them internationally. This collaboration reflects Kelly & Co's commitment to making a positive impact in the global community, extending its influence beyond the pet food industry.

Freeze-dried or air-dried raw pet foods, treats and toppers predominated among new products in 2023 at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando last year.

Freeze-dried and air-dried pet consumables meet consumer demands for raw meat ingredients without the refrigeration needs, contamination risks and other aspects of fresh raw pet foods. Freeze-drying pet food ingredients makes them self-stable without using high temperatures that can degrade vitamins and other nutritional chemicals in pet foods. Air-drying pet food ingredients does involve heating, so it may serve as a dedicated kill step. Both freeze-drying and air-drying result in a pet food that can be easier to transport, store and handle for both retailers and pet owners.

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