Blue Buffalo pet adoption campaign continues to grow

The Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays campaign is now running for the 2017/2018 holiday season.

Photo by Blue Buffalo
Photo by Blue Buffalo

The Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays campaign is now running for the 2017/2018 holiday season and will last through January 2, 2018. Blue Buffalo has supported Helen Woodward Animal Center’s holiday adoption campaign since 2013, helping place over a million orphan pets into homes each holiday season. Helen Woodward Animal Center and Blue Buffalo kicked off the 19th annual Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign from Times Square this year. New York-based Paws Crossed Animal Rescue orphan puppies joined Center President and CEO Mike Arms and Blue Buffalo CEO Billy Bishop in Times Square to ring in Nasdaq’s opening bell. 

“This annual campaign is important to the animal shelter and rescue communities and veterinarians nationwide because it helps adopt millions of orphan pets into forever homes,” said David Petrie, president of the Blue Buffalo Foundation in a press release.  “We are proud to support pet adoption programs throughout the year and we look forward to the Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays campaign in 2017.”

Home 4 the Holidays is an annual, international, three‐month pet‐adoption drive dedicated to finding homes for orphan pets. The campaign began 19 years ago when Helen Woodward Animal Center president and CEO Mike Arms noticed that a majority of rescue facilities were closing their doors during the holiday season—a primary time of year for family pet additions. With shelter doors closed, would-be adopters were resorting to shopping at pet stores or puppy mills for holiday pet purchases. Arms believed that the staff at these businesses were rarely trained to assess the likelihood of a successful animal/family match, increasing the number of pets sent to shelters once the season was over.  

About the campaign

The Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays campaign asks shelters to keep their doors open throughout the holiday months and provides marketing tools to get the word out.  Blue Buffalo distributes 600,000 pet adoption kits to participating shelter and rescue organizations to help pet parents get off to a great start with their adopted pet. The kits include pet food coupons and a “petfolio” to record health information and track pet milestones. The company also provides support to raise awareness for the Home 4 the Holidays campaign, driving potential adopters to participating rescue facilities. 

Through a collective group of over 4,000 pet adoption agencies and rescue‐groups, located throughout all 50 US states and 24 countries, the campaign has become the largest pet adoption campaign on record, according to Blue Buffalo. The campaign has helped save over 13 million pets since 1999.

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