Woof Gang Bakery awards outstanding franchises

Woof Gang Bakery, the leader in specialty pet retail, awarded top honors to exceptional franchises during the company's national convention in Orlando, Florida, in March. The company held its annual national meeting concurrent with Global Pet Expo to amplify the on-site resources, education and support for franchisees.

Woof Gang Bakery, the leader in specialty pet retail, awarded top honors to exceptional franchises during the company’s national convention in Orlando, Florida, in March. The company held its annual national meeting concurrent with Global Pet Expo to amplify the on-site resources, education and support for franchisees.

“This year was our most successful national convention with more than 240 franchise owners and guests in attendance,” said Paul Allen, President and CEO of Woof Gang Bakery. “It is an incredible experience to bring together the amazing people who have made Woof Gang Bakery the leader in
specialty pet retail. We are awestruck by the talents and dedication of our franchise owners who work diligently to build their businesses and the Woof Gang Bakery brand.”

The remarkable Woof Gang Bakery franchises include:

Millionaires Club

The Millionaires Club is awarded to franchises with annual gross sales of $1 million or more.

Woof Gang Bakery Cary and Woof Gang Bakery Raleigh, North Carolina – franchise owners Elise and Michael Morales

Elise and Michael have done a spectacular job building two of the best stores in the Woof Gang Bakery system, each achieving the annual million dollar mark. Their entrepreneurial spirit is unmatched. Impressively, they also have opened a new store in Shiloh, North Carolina, and have another store under construction in Apex, North Carolina.

Woof Gang Bakery Midland, Texas – franchise owners Brenda and Iram Molinar

Open for only two years, Brenda and Iram have built their business quickly at a strong and steady pace, and work daily to continue that growth. They implement brand standards with excellence and are eager to share best practices.

Woof Gang Bakery The Villages, Florida – franchise owners Beth and Woody Whitcomb

With two stores in The Villages, Beth and Woody have realized unparalleled growth. They are active in the community, highly regarded by their customers, and they are innovators and leaders in the Woof Gang Bakery system.

Franchise of the Year

Woof Gang Bakery Fleming Island, Florida – Mary and Pete Hardin

Woof Gang Bakery awards Franchise of the Year based on criteria including business growth, passion for the brand, customer service and ongoing contribution to the franchise system. Mary and Pete excel in each of these areas. They work tirelessly to cultivate their business, grow sales and help other franchisees. Last year, the Fleming Island store had sales in excess of $800 per square foot, which far exceeds typical retail revenue. In 2019, they will double the size of Woof Gang Bakery Fleming Island and open a second location in the same market.

Outstanding Grooming Store

Woof Gang Bakery SouthPark, North Carolina – Arti Jethwa and Sara Giruzzi 

With the highest year-over-year growth in grooming, Arti and Sara’s achievement is due to their commitment to quality and a philosophy of always putting their customers and pets first. In addition to the SouthPark location, they also have very successful neighborhood stores serving their local communities in Wakefield and Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Outstanding Retail Store

Woof Gang Bakery Las Vegas, Nevada – Chin Li and Richard Hansen

Taking ownership of their store in 2017, Chin Li and Richard have done a fantastic job of building a tremendous retail business. They have excelled at overcoming challenges, boosting sales performance and focusing on success. They are getting ready to lend their ownership expertise to a second location, with a new store opening in Skye Canyon in northwest Las Vegas.

Outstanding New Store

Woof Gang Bakery Richmond, Texas – Sharon and Chris Taor 

Opening in late 2017, Sharon and Chris Taor launched their business quickly and capably. They have rapidly established their store as a local leader in everything pet-related. This year, they will double the size of their store in Richmond, Texas.

Most Improved Franchise

Woof Gang Bakery South Tampa, Florida – Bianca Souza

Bianca works tirelessly within the South Tampa pet community. She builds connections and serves her customers with care and dedication.

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