Prins Foundation donates hundreds of Christmas gift boxes

Prins Foundation makes holiday donation.

The Prins Foundation donates hundreds of Christmas gift boxes this month to dog and cat owners who could use a helping hand. The packages contain many goodies for both owners and animals.

The packages are filled and packed with the help of all employees of Prins Petfoods, the Dutch family business that set up the Prins Foundation to create a connection between humans and animals and to improve animal welfare in every possible way.

Food banks

Two hundred Christmas boxes are donated to the food banks. Another five hundred packages are available for people who would like to give a box to someone who they think really deserves it and can use it well.

Personal note

Each box contains a personal note for the recipient. "We think this is a sympathetic way to comfort pet owners who have had a bad year," says Iris Diepeveen of the Prins Foundation. "We are thrilled that we can give out so many packages and hope that we can make a lot of people very happy."

Food and presents

The gift boxes contain food, treats and other presents and can be requested until December 12th in order to have them delivered before Christmas. The sender only pays a small contribution to cover part of the shipping costs.

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